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Registrations [Currently Accepting]

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Registrations [Currently Accepting]

Post by Arthur Kirkland on Sun Mar 16, 2014 2:06 pm

When you have finished your application, please post them in this thread! If your application meets our requirements, an admin will post our congratulations to you here. If your application is denied, we will inform you via PM.

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Re: Registrations [Currently Accepting]

Post by Arthur Kirkland on Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:44 pm

Character Information

  • Human Name: Arthur Kirkland
  • Nation Name: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Variation: Canon
  • Alignment: Bishop of Spades
  • Physical Age: 34
  • Personality: Arthur is an extremely irritable, prideful man. It does not take much effort to “push his buttons”. Despite how unapproachable he seems, Arthur is quite fond of his friends, and will go to great lengths to protect them (though he will never directly admit how he cares). While he does occasionally enjoy his moments of solitude, in-general, he dreads being alone. It is not so much solitude he values, as peace of mind and quiet.  If one puts time and effort into getting to know him, they will find he is much more than swearing, complaining, frowning and yelling. Truly he can be very caring, and this shows best when he is in a domestic relationship with someone else. Despite his sarcasm, he does have tendencies to be quite mischievous. When in a relationship with someone else, Arthur is a very attentive partner, both physically and emotionally. He will go out of his way to listen to the other, comfort them, and attempt to give them advice. This contrasts so sharply from his normal cynical behavior that most people that know him might not believe he could act in such a manner. Arthur is, physically, not a weak man. He can very easily hold his own in a brawl, and is quite strong despite his lean body structure. Because of this, he is often underestimated. Also, he is extremely protective of women.
  • History: [to be added]
  • Roleplay Example:

    Derived from a Pirate! AU Roleplay:

    The pirate shook his head, and with gritting teeth quickly bunched much of the linen into the crook of his armpit, beginning a slow wrap about his shoulder after his comrade completed his quickly cleaning about the wound. “Thank you,” he muttered almost bitterly, hissing as the cloth made contact with the sensitive, raw flesh that he’d just maimed with his own sword. He tossed the damned blade across the room, not caring as it clattered and knocked something from its stand, decorating the floor with his crimson blood.

    The pain did not ebb, nor did it fade at all. Only the bleeding was quelled in the soft grip of the linen, and Arthur would have to be grateful for at least that much. He brought the roll to his mouth, cutting the strip off with his own teeth and tying off the bandage atop his shoulder. Already, the white cloth was soaked a dire red, but he made note not stare at it long. He didn’t bother to fetch his undershirt, nor his red cloak, and simply let his body relax and limpen. His shoulders slumped, his head hung, and he looked so oddly vulnerable for a man of his reputation. His dulled, sandy blond hair was damp, sticking in clumps to his pale forehead and around his cheekbones.

    It was silence then, and it hung heavy and thick between the two men. It reminded Arthur bitterly, once again, of the loss of his friends and crew. It was him who broke the ice with a curt, bitter laugh. “Usually, after a victory as swell as this, my men and I would be celebrating over bottles of rum, whiskey, brandy, scotch .. any booze we could find.” He found his lips twisting up into a smile, as he was quite fond with the memory.

    "Stupid gits would drink themselves to death, if I let them. We’d all wake up with bloody-awful headaches, and then I’d have to wait until that night or the next morning to plot any new course." He snorted, quick and sharp, and he caught the fingertips of one glove between his teeth, and pulled it off quickly. He repeated with the other.

    "I suppose this makes you the first member of my new crew." Finally his eyes met the bright sapphire of his companion’s, and he didn’t know how he still had the audacity or energy to, but he laughed. Nothing curt, nothing bitter, though it would be hard to tell if it was anything genuine.

    "We’ll make the most handsome pair on the seven seas. Don’t you think, lad?"

Out of Character Information

  • Name / Nickname: Michaela (Army, Sanguine)
  • Misc Contact Info:
    Email: armeniansaresexy@gmail.com
    Skype: apricotburgers
  • Time Zone: GMT - 7
  • Extra Information: Welcome to the new site, everyone!
Arthur Kirkland

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