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Essence - The Source of Life and Power

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Essence - The Source of Life and Power

Post by Arthur Kirkland on Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:52 pm

Essence is the very life force that powers the four kingdoms, and gives every member their special powers and abilities. The Realm of Essence is one of pure magical energy, and is where the souls of those who have died and those who have yet to be born are stored. Each kingdom has its own individual Realm of Essence, dedicated to recycling the souls of its specific people. There are four portals to each Realm of Essence within Central City, and they are kept securely safeguarded by each of the four Aces. Whenever a new baby is born, the family shall bring it to Central, where the four Aces shall dip the child into a small pool of Essence, and whichever symbol appears on its belly is the kingdom it is destined to reside in. This has separated many families, but no-one dares to question the will of Essence. It also determines what each child shall be, whether they be a new King, a Rook, or a simple Pawn, though most inhabitants are indeed Pawns.

In the hierarchy of every kingdom, every role uses their Essence in a specific manner. Whether they channel their Essence to enhance their agility in combat (Knights), or their magical abilities (Bishops), Essence is the fuel that keeps the fire of each kingdom lit.
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