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Regions and Geography

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Regions and Geography

Post by Arthur Kirkland on Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:58 pm

♠ Spades ♠: Aligned under the Sign of Power, the citizens of the Spade Kingdom are notorious for their willful nature. The people of Spades have always pushed for the future, being the most technologically innovative of the four kingdoms. They were the first of the lands to invent the pocket watch, and begin the construction of airships, both commercial and combative. Sadly, this driven society was destroyed by the military might of the Kingdom of Clubs, falling victim to  their unexpected might. The former kingdom now rest in the hands of the Clubs, patrolled by military platoons every day, and those who rebel or are found loyal to the Spade ruling family are promptly executed. Many Spades citizens have fled to neighboring Kingdoms in attempts to hide, while some have risked their lives to flee to the unmarked regions beyond the four kingdoms.

♣ CLUBS ♣: Aligned under the Sign of Luck, the Clubs have always seemed an unpredictable society. They have always seemed to crawl behind the other three kingdoms in terms of cultural richness, technologies and wealth. Yet, unbenounced to the public eye, in recent generations the royal family has dedicated their time to creating an intricate spy ring. With incredible covertness, they were successful in stealing military secrets from the neighboring kingdoms, and develop and incredibly advanced military that very easily combated all of the other kingdom’s strengths. The siege upon the Kingdom of Spades was an amazing success, especially since no-one expected such a mighty kingdom to fall so quickly. Now having displayed what their armies are capable of, the other two kingdoms quake at the mention of a possible invasion upon them, if they do not align with the Clubs’ wishes. The citizens of Clubs seem a split population politically. Some feel empowered at the thought of ruling over the other three kingdoms, a chance they would have never had otherwise, while some believe these are acts of tyranny, and protest violently against the current ruling family. Still, some simply wish to live their lives in peace.

♦ Diamonds ♦: Aligned under the Sign of Prosperity, the Kingdom of Diamonds is quite legendary for its unfathomable amount of wealth. Their citizens live in a higher level of society, and are famed for their expert craftsmanship in jewelry, and their exquisite cuisine. Markets line nearly all the streets in this bustling kingdom, new and innovate wares from all around the four kingdoms being presented at each and every stall. Their economy is rich and very successful, though they lack much in military might. They have always been fierce in their neutrality in nearly every war that has passed, and have seldom ever been invaded, for they play a large part in the economy of all the four lands. Most traders and caravan bands are Diamond citizens, after all. Even with the threat of the Clubs on the rise, many of these citizens continue to live in blissful ignorance, surrounded by distracting luxury.

♥ Hearts ♥: Aligned under the Sign of Compassion, the Kingdom of Hearts has always been a wonderful escape for those seeking a relaxing holiday. Famed for their nearly insatiable acceptance, refugees and former prisoners often flee to this kingdom in search of refuge and shelter. The citizens of Hearts are most likely to gift generously, and aid the homeless and needy without regret. They have always been a fierce advocate for peace as a people, and Jacks and diplomats from the Kingdom of Hearts have always been regarded as wise and respectable. Famed for the most rich of cultures from the four kingdoms, their people are very pleasant and hospitable. The Clubs immediately suspected the Kingdom of Hearts for hiding Spade refugees, as they have been noted for committing such acts in wars past. Falling under the fierce threat of invasion, the King of Hearts succeeded their kingdom to the might of the Clubs, where now the occasional platoon shall patrol in search of fleeing Spade refugees.

CENTRAL CITY: The very heart and soul of the four kingdoms, this massive city is home to some of the most major markets that any kingdom could offer.  The large structure within the metropolis’ very center is known as Aces’ Guild, where the four Aces reside and commence the dipping ceremonies for each newborn child. Diplomacy between the four kingdoms is always conducted within Central City, and it is not uncommon to see a Jack or two frequenting the Tower of Affairs. Many citizens from all kingdoms flock to this central hub, whether that be for diplomacy, holiday, or ceremonies for their children.

OUTLYING AREAS, AND THE VILLAGE OF DROKKA: Every Utopian society will have its misfits, and those whom simply don’t make the cut of aligning with a kingdom, and those that do not belong. It is an incredibly rare occurrence, but sometimes, the dipping ceremonies will not reveal a kingdom alignment along a child’s belly. Such children are considered abominations--those not blessed by the might Essence--and it is pressured upon the family that they should abandon their child to the wilds as soon as possible. Such decisions have torn families apart in the past, but the ideal that unmarked children simply did not belong soon wafted into the society of the four kingdoms quite deeply. In the past, many unmarked ones would be taken the the Kingdom of Hearts, where families would beg those loving, generous families to care for their children. The people of Hearts, in time, began to look forward to such things, giving these unmarked children a family and a purpose, but with the recent rise of the Clubs such adoptions have become all but impossible. The Clubs are very fierce in their ways, and will drag any unmarked citizens from their homes and promptly execute them, sometimes even without ceremony. In a section of land, very far south from the four kingdoms, a society was established where these poor misfits could live in a society of their own. The Village of Drokka is not large, nor mighty, but in the land of misfits, it is the most respected and fabled of villages. Prisoners, and even members of the Spade society have fled to Drokka for refuge. This mildly has begun to concern the people of Drokka, though, for if the Spade citizens continue to flood to their land, it is no doubt that the destructive Clubs will soon follow behind and destroy what little peace they have.
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