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History of the Four Kingdoms

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History of the Four Kingdoms

Post by Arthur Kirkland on Thu Apr 03, 2014 2:09 pm

Every kingdom had lived in peace since the first kings had taken their rightful place on the throne, chosen by the will of the Essence. The four kingdoms have resided in complete harmony, bound by their Essence and will to master it for centuries. Many eras have passed and with the coming of new kings, peace was soon to be fragile.

Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs all had worked together to keep peace, but for one of the four, this wasn’t enough, as the king soon became greedy with a lust for power. The Clubs kingdom soon displayed their aggression, destruction promptly following. The connections deteriorated as all kingdoms began to settle their stances in the war that was beginning to brew. Conflict was what ruled the land now, the Clubs being the leaders of this tyranny. The Diamonds wanted to remain neutral within the matters while the Hearts wanted peace. The Spades, however, were fiercely opposed to the daunting tyranny of the Clubs Kingdom, and refused to submit to their terms. Because of this, the Clubs felt the need to eliminate this threat, permanently. The Kingdom of Spades was invaded, and overpowered by the military might of the Clubs. No-one had expected the downfall of the Spade kingdom--one comprised of such strong, willful people. Luckily, the Spades had just enough time to have their royalty escape, but not without casualties. Many of Spades’ pawns had died to protect their escaping royalty, one Bishop even staying behind ensure their escape personally.

Other Spades have lived through this experience, but they were few and far between. Now, any peace is fragile, as with military persuasion, the Kingdom of Hearts has joined the side of the Clubs. The Kingdom of Diamonds has sworn a fierce neutrality, but it is not expected to last.
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